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Tarp Sheet

Besides PVC material rolls, Unitarp offers PVC cover sheets for outdoor coverings.

Features: Waterproof, Anti-UV, Flame Retardant; Self Clean.

Applications: Truck Covers, Structure Roofings, Pallet Covers, Snow-lifting Tarps, Lumber Tarps, and Car Containment Mats.

Advantage: High Tenacity, Flexible, Stain Resistance, Long Warranty.

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ULT1212/700-PVC Laminated Tarp

700gsm (20.6oz) PVC ripstop tarp is popular in South America for making ripstop bags for fruit picking or harvest.

Applications: Ripstop Bags, Truck Covers, Tent Awnings.

Features: Ripstop, Abrasion-Resistant, Eco-Friendly, Waterproof, Anti-UV, Anti-mildew.

Advantage: Good strength in tensile & tearing, long life, easy-clean.

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UCT1122/610 – PVC Printing Tarp(610克军绿材料,标题型号,类目待确认)

Camo tarpaulin is used a lot for making tents in current markets with its special printing patterns.(替换为当前材料应用,以下同理)

Applications: Tents, Outdoor Covers.

Features: Waterproof, Anti-UV, Flame Retardant.

Advantage: Novel Style.

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PVC keder

PVC keder is a technical textile reinforcement product, and it requires reinforced sides due to tension and forces.

Items: Singel flap keder, double flap keder.

Applications: The sides of tent cloths, automotive side canopy, marine sail, etc.

Features: Heavy duty PVC coated fabric with UV resistance, virgin PVC resins as the core.

Advantage: Strengthen the edge connection region where it is the most critical but weakest link.

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UKCT2323/750 – PVC Coated Tarp

22oz PVC tarpaulin, is one of the best sellers for transportation covers and mats in current market with ideal thickness and strong strength

Applications: Car Containment Mats, Truck Covers

Features: Waterproof, Dustproof, Weather-Resistant.

Advantage: High Tearing Strength.

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U-TSLW600- Anti-Theft Mesh

Uni-tarp anti-theft security mesh is PVC mesh weaved with steel cable. It applied a wide range. such as truck side curtains, fences, bags, etc with strong strength, anti-cut, long lifespan, and heat resistance.

Applications: truck side curtains, machine protection fencing, anti-theft window.

Features:  anti-theft, moisture resistant, anti-corrosive, long lifespan, heat resistant.

Advantage:  the embedded steel wire makes it stronger with higher tear resistance and tensile strength than ordinary truck waterproof cloth, is easy to clean, and cannot be kicked in or broken with hammers.

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ULT1616/450 – PVC Laminated Tarp

450gsm (13oz) PVC tarp is flexible with soft hand feeling and suitable for processing outdoor covers.

Applications: Truck Trailer Covers, Tent Awnings

Features: Waterproof, anti-UV, weather Resistant, flame resistace,anti-mildew.

Advantage: Wear-resistant, long life, Acrylic lacquered on surface assures easy-clean and durable dirt resistance quality.

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ULT551817/600 – PVC Embossing Tarp

This tarpaulin is the best seller for bag products with waterproof, easy clean and strong strength.

Applications: Backpack Bags, Dry Bags, Sport Bags.

Features: Waterproof, Anti-UV, REACH.

Advantage: Phthalate Free.

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